Web Search Part 2



Part 2 of the Web Search series explains two more search features available on the Web Client, Search by Barcode and Search by Text File. Learn how to use an Excel file or a scanner and barcode to search for specific records.


Video Transcript – 00:00

Hi there and welcome to part 2 of our overview of the Web Client’s search tools.  Today we'll go over two tools contained in the Search by ID option, Search by Barcode and Search by Text File.

Set-up – 00:25

Before you can get started, however, remember that a Web Server must be configured with the Web Client and REST API activated.  If you need help with this see our User's Manual or contact our dedicated Freezerworks support staff.  Well once you have the web client open, go ahead and log in.

Search by ID – 00:45

After logging in. hover over the Search Inventory box to see your searching options. The third option is what will be concerned with today, Search by ID.  On this screen, you'll first select the type of ID search you want to run.  There are three options; however, we will only cover Search by Barcode and Search by Text File in this video.  If you need help with Search by Flatbed Scanner, see our Flatbed Scanners - Web Client video.  

Search by Barcode – 01:15

For now though, let's start with Search by Barcode.  This option was built for handheld scanners, but you can type in IDs as well.  These next three drop-downs are quite simple, select the kinds of records you want returned (we'll go with samples), select the field you want to search on (the field you'll be scanning), and then if you'd like you can also select a list view format to return the results in (this can always be done after running the search as well). Now click Start Scanning and pull out your scanner.  As you scan IDs they'll appear in the box on the right automatically.  If they're not, simply press the Enter key or click the blue + button.  You can remove any values you like with the red “X's”, or if you need to start fresh, click Clear All.  Now that I'm finished I'll execute the search and here are my results.  If you need help with using this list view see part one of this series.

Search by Text File – 02:25

For now though, let's return to the main menu and move on to our second Search by ID tool of the day. This is Search by Text File.  This tool, for example, is for when you have an Excel spreadsheet of IDs that you want to search for.  You'll start again by selecting the type of records you want returned (I'll go with aliquots this time) and the field you want to search on (we'll leave it on Freezerworks ID).  Then you'll select the delimiter you use in your text file.  This drop-down will default to Carriage Return + Line Feed as this will work for most files out there.  If you need to switch it though, there are several other options to choose from.  Once all the necessary fields are filled, click Open File and your Explorer window will open. Find your file and open it up.  The Web Client will immediately update with the values found and the name of the file displayed.  Again, you can use the “X’s” to delete individual values or clear all to start fresh. Once you're ready, execute the search.  And here are our results.  Again, if you need help using this list view check out part one of this Web Client Search series.

Conclusion – 03:40

But that about does it for today's video, thanks as always for watching!