Application integration using REST API and SQL views easily display data from other systemsLightning in a vial : When you select our Freezerworks Server editions, you can streamline activity between your existing applications and Freezerworks with our REST API. If you log in samples and visits from another program, you can use the REST API to send relevant data to Freezerworks, creating or updating samples, aliquots, transactions, test results, and more. If you have integrated with other APIs you’ll find ours well documented and easy to use. The API utilizes the powerful security features of Freezerworks, requiring remote users to authenticate with a valid username and password. They are then granted selective permission to access or write data. This ensures that remote users cannot gain unauthorized access to data. As one would expect, TLS configuration options (the new version of SSL) are available, giving you even greater security for your data in transit.


 With a Validation license you can develop in a distinct, familiar, sandbox environment. You can even develop a custom-built application of your own. For example, you can create your own platform-specific integration which allows remote users to see how many samples are available for certain sample types from a specific study in another application.


SQL Views: Easily set up and display information from other databases on Freezerworks samples and patient records using key field links. This read-only feature is available in Ascent, Summit, and Pinnacle editions.

Freezerworks can display external data using SQL views