What’s New in Freezerworks

A Well Framed Web Client

With expansive scrolling entry forms, enhanced data grids, and a fluid interface, you'll get more out of the software that forever changed sample management. Flexibility is more important than ever before. With a server version, you can deliver the power of Freezerworks to anyone with a browser. Access the data you need at your desk or on the go and increase your return on investment by lowering deployment and upgrade costs. Our 2021 release is another example of the type of innovation you've come to expect from Freezerworks; request an upgrade today and accomplish more.

An API that Spans the Silos

Freezerworks Web Client We saw the growing importance of APIs in the laboratory early on and have been improving ours for more than a decade. Freezerworks 2021 contains our most feature-rich API to date. Now you can create, read, and update Freezerworks inventory data with elegant one-liners or meaty methods while benefiting from our state of the art role, security, and workflow features. Our well-documented API is here to address the requirements you know of today and, equally important, the ones they forgot to tell you about.

Provision with Precision

Along with our newly updated Web Client, we are introducing a new approach to user licensing in Freezerworks. Freezerworks 2021 gives you the ability to fine-tune the number of users on your system, buy the licenses you need when you need them, and deploy using the installed Desktop or Web Client.

Lite Named User

Freezerworks Lite Named User We've listened to you, and we are introducing the Lite Named User. This option allows internal or external users to consume data, view reports, export data, and request items but doesn't enable inventory data creation for samples, aliquots, or patients. With this new option at your disposal, you won't need to add full-price licenses for people who need a bird's eye view of your data.

Standard Named User

Freezerworks Standard Named User Standard Named Users have full access to our installed desktop and browser-based clients, including any data entry or administrative function available in their assigned user role. This license is for the sample management experts in your group. They can have as much access as your policies and procedures allow.

Workflows Level Up

Process pre-configured Workflows via the Web Client Built for Laboratory Managers with exacting standards, our Workflow Templates provide increased potential for productivity in Freezerworks 2021. More of the application is open to the benefits of repeatable processing and an internal standards-based approach. Request an upgrade today and see for yourself how Freezerworks' Workflow templates transform sample management.


A New Way to Begin

Homepages are the jumping-off point for the tiled actions you use the most. This configurable addition lowers the cost of onboarding by allowing novice and advanced users to access the data and functionality in Freezerworks with ease. We realize that one size doesn’t always fit all so users have the ability to create personal Homepages and fine-tune their Freezerworks experience.

Freezerworks Workflow Templates Keep Getting Better

Our latest iteration of Freezerworks has twelve workflow actions that allow you to order tests, create sub-aliquots, email reports, print labels, enforce SOPs, and save time. Your organization will benefit from templates that can now target both Parent and Sub-Aliquots. Lastly, we’ve added four new Aliquot Status options, Depleted, Destroyed, Disposed, and Lost. These additions help describe the end state of items in your inventories more accurately.

Save Time with Simplified Sample Security

Starting in Freezerworks 2019 Samples are owned by Groups. This will make transferring ownership when someone leaves or joins the organization quicker than ever and reduces the chances of manual error.



A More Visual Freezer

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With the release of Freezerworks 2019, we’ve introduced Visual Freezers, which is comprised of dynamic interfaces for Aliquots Entry, Configure Freezers, Explore Freezers, and Move Aliquots. Configure your freezers to better reflect the reality you see in your facilities and interact with your inventory without the drag of abstraction. Make the right choices for your organization in less time with the new Freezer Capacity functionality. Get real-time usage data for your boxes, racks, shelves, and freezers. Box consolidation with drag and drop moves is a delight, and managing inventory in structured and unstructured freezers has never been easier.

On the Move

Cue up changes by dragging and dropping aliquots, boxes, and racks to the new Freezerworks Workbench. This new tool makes freezer migrations and recovering from freezer failure less stressful by handling exceptions on the fly.

Please email our support department to determine your upgrade eligibility.

Introduced in 2018

Charts & Dashboards Study Management Invoicing Flatbed Scanners
Single Sign On (SSO) Capabilities Updated Web Client Workflow Templates Roles
Email Integration Advanced Search New Field types Requisitions

Charts & Dashboards

analyze your with the Freezerworks Sample Management software tool charts and dashboardsAnalyzing data and making decisions just got easier with Freezerworks Charts and Dashboards. The chart creation tool gives your users the opportunity to display their data in the format they want. Whether that is as a line graph, bar graph, or a pie graph, we've got you covered. After creating multiple charts, add charts to dashboards to create a homepage that keeps you focused on your goals. Freezerworks Charts and Dashboards is a Web Client exclusive.

Study Management

Configure your clinical studies in Freezerworks with the new robust Clinical Trials Management SystemThe innovative study management module in Freezerworks 2018 provides support for clinical trials, translational medicine, kit creation, and sample collections. Configure and track requirements for patient Consent, Re-Consent, and Assent. CROs or central labs may use it to track their clinical trial specimens while annotating them with essential data. Providing raw data for biostatisticians and principal investigators, Freezerworks is designed to handle multi-arm studies and protocol versioning.  Study Management is available in our Pinnacle Edition.
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Sample Management Software go hand in hand with Freezerworks Invoicing.Sustainability and Sample Management come together in Freezerworks Invoicing. This feature has been reimagined and is reintroduced in Freezerworks 2018 Summit and Pinnacle editions. Easily catalog products and services such as sample retrieval, test completion, or Freezerworks workflow processing. Invoicing Templates can be created efficiently and then quickly printed or emailed to customers.
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Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed Scanner support available in Freezerworks 2018

Use your flatbed scanner with Freezerworks configurable workflow templates to form an all-star sample management pairing. Completing workflows like Check In, Check Out, and Shipping samples with a flatbed scanner will increase your laboratory's operational efficiency. Save valuable time and lower the risk of sample spoilage when placing boxes of samples on a flatbed scanner. Scanning boxes of samples increases accuracy and maintains sample integrity by reducing the number of accidental thaws. Flatbed Scanner Support is available in all Freezerworks 2018 Editions.
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Single Sign-On (SSO) Capabilities

Use Single Sign on to quickly log into your sample management softwareLaunch Freezerworks and be automatically logged in as the appropriate user when Freezerworks administrators have enabled SSO. Freezerworks account creditials are linked to the user's domain login information, allowing organizations to easily maintain security standards on Windows clients.
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Introduced in 2017

Updated Web Client

Study Management directly on your browser with Freezerworks updated Web Client Freezerworks 2017 brings with it a major update to our Web Client. Expanded functionality includes Import, Workflow, and Requisitions tools. The Web Client's Import tool allows you to use .xlsx documents as import files, a frequently requested feature that we are excited to provide. With proper licensing and network connectivity, you can now Import data from anywhere through the Web Client and view your Import history for imports created via the Web Client or the standard Freezerworks application. Because the Web Client stays true to our commitment to keeping Freezerworks configurable, you will be able to run any Imports or Workflows that were configured and assigned to your Group in the standard Freezerworks application. In addition to these high impact updates, the Web Client allows Users to create Requisitions based on Search Criteria and a desired number of Aliquots or to request Aliquots individually.
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Workflow Templates

Workflow Templates reduce the time spent on laboratory management tasks and increase your institution's efficiency We all have repetitive tasks that are part of our day-to-day operations. With Workflows which you can think of as templates for standardizing these repetitive tasks, your group will enjoy an increase in the quality and the amount of work done in Freezerworks. If you are a current user of Freezerworks you'll appreciate the conversion of tasks such as Check Out, Check In, and Shipping to the new Workflow format as well as the time you save. For many laboratories, this powerful feature will prove to be more than enough of a reason to make the jump to the latest version of Freezerworks.
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Assign Users to roles for quick permission privilegesWe are always on the lookout for ways to lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for our customers. With the addition of Roles to Freezerworks, user provisioning will be quicker and more accurate. You will be able to bundle permission settings together and assign them to multiple Users, i.e. no more checking on and off boxes for each user. You are able to assign a single User multiple Roles, which they will select from when logging in (much like Group Profiles). This enhances security, as your system administrator may not want all of their privileges when working day-to-day in Freezerworks. In order to get new installations up and running quickly both the "System Administrator" and "Accessioning and Inventory" Roles are created for you but should your system require a more granular permission scheme the power is in your hands to create new Roles.
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Email Integration

Increase laboratory management by connecting your email to Freezerworks Email is probably still an integral part of your workday so we've added the ability to automatically send emails from Freezerworks when Requisition processes, Workflows, and Scheduled Searches are run. Individual emails can have Freezerworks Reports and/or Exports attached automatically. Since this is Freezerworks you can include your organization's logo and/or slogan in the footer of all emails sent from your system.
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Advanced Search

Freezerworks Advanced Search received an impressive updateOur Advanced Search tool has received an overhaul to function much more like other advanced search engines you may be used to querying. As in previous versions, you will build the search, define line by line, but the refined interface will make this process clearer making more complex logic a breeze to enter.
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New Field Types and Field Properties

We have added more field types and properties to increase the overall functional power of Freezerworks:

Multi-Select Choice List

Multi-Select List field for samples, aliquots, and patients added to Freezerworks 2017 We're putting more choices and more power in your hands with the Multi-Select Choice List field. Upon click, the field opens a small list box of possible choices, which you check on or off for multiple different selections.

Auto & Read Only

Automatic and Read Only checkbox allows values to be automatically set and not editable by the user These fields are set up like Default Values, but when triggered they become 'read only.' This allows you to set up automatic values that cannot be edited. In this version this feature works for records created manually and automatically.

Required Based on Value of another Field

checkbox added that requires value entry if the value of another field is something that was specified If you check on this field property, you can define scenarios where this field automatically requires entry before the record you're working in can be saved. Like Default Values once again, you select another field and determine the value, values, or range of values that will make your field required.

URL Link

Add a URL Link to entry forms We have added the option for Calculated Fields to be treated as hyperlinks, so that calculations that create valid webpage names can be used as such. If you check on URL Link while configuring your calculated field, a clickable icon will appear to the right of said field whenever it appears on entry forms; clicking the icon will automatically open your default browser to the designated webpage.

Sum Field

Improve workflow efficiency with the new Sum field type A powerful compliment to Count Fields that tells you how much of a a given set of aliquots you have on hand.

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Requests can be placed on samples and aliquots within Freezerworks Your sample inventory has value and we are making it easier for you to make the right decisions at the right time. You'll be able view requests, from internal Users or external Contacts, for certain Aliquots to be Checked Out or Shipped to them or others. Review, modify or approve requests quickly with our new eSignature functionality.
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Please email our support department to determine your upgrade eligibility.