Adding Aliquots in version 5.1

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In this video, you'll learn about the additional features added to aliquot management in Freezerworks Unlimited 5.1.

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Video Transcript – 00:00

Hello, and welcome to the presentation on the new features in Freezerworks Unlimited 5.1.  I'm Rick Michaels, the vice president of Marketing & Customer Relations.  Here at Freezerworks, we’re very excited about the new features in 5.1, and I want to give you an example of what you can look forward to as you look into upgrading.  

New Adding Aliquots Features – 00:25

Let's now talk about some of the new features that you can take advantage of when adding your aliquots to Freezerworks.  For example, we have room for more fields.  Now there are 16 fields on the first Aliquot Entry Screen page, 24 on the following pages.  You also have the ability to view the box, a picture of the box and the vial locations that are available.  In this box view, if you click on a vial you can have the details displayed to you, you can insist that your vials only be placed in adjacent positions, and besides the box view, you can also have a list of the aliquots in a list view of the box that you're looking at.

Adding Aliquots in Freezerworks – 01:10

In Freezerworks, let's go ahead go to Sample Management and add a new sample by selecting Add Samples.  The entry screen is entered, and we can enter the sample information here up above and then we go to Add Aliquots.  Select Add Aliquots and this looks familiar to the existing program.  Let's add three aliquots here.  We select the freezer, let's go to Freezer 1 Physical, and then we select the freezer section and that would be the one section we have here, Freezer 1.  It goes to the next assignable position which in this situation is Rack 1 – Box 1 – Position 31 and the box is displayed here.  If we need to, we can zoom in or out as well.  The next assignable position will be in blue here.  If I change it, for example, if I want to go to 41 and leave this row empty, I can then move down to 41.  Let's go ahead and add 3 aliquots here.  Of course, anytime we assign aliquots you can assign information, for example, Aliquot Type, Anticoagulants, and so forth with any of the other fields that we have here.  We hit Save to assign the three aliquots.  Three aliquots are now created, we can add more aliquots here, or we can cancel out at this screen and see our three fields and aliquots that we've assigned.  Here they are as well.  If I highlight an aliquot, information on the aliquot is displayed here.  The position and any other information based on the display format that I've set up here.  This is set up at the System Admin menu.  Now I can save this.

Explore Freezers – 03:35

Let's go ahead and look at this box in Explore Freezers.  Here's the same box I was just assigning aliquots in, here are the three aliquots that I assigned.  I can again highlight an aliquot here, I can get information here, I can change the display format here, and if I've got additional displays I can sign it here. Let's say I want to assign a row of sample and aliquots here, I can do that from this screen by highlighting any of the cells that I want to assign.  If I want to assign a number of aliquots to a sample, I would hit the 1st aliquot here and then go to the where I wanted to the last one and hold down the shift key and click, and I can select a whole group of aliquots to assign a sample to.  So I can also do my assigning from this Explore Freezer screen.  To assign these aliquots to a sample, I right-click and select Add New Sample and these are the 10 aliquots that I'm going to assign to this box.  I enter my information here and then hit Save & Close.  Any defaults that I set up I need to take care of here.  I've now saved these 10 and now I've got 10 more aliquots assigned to a sample.  Any time I want to do anything with any of these aliquots, I can highlight and right-click it.  I have the ability to Clear Positions, Delete Aliquots, Batch Update Aliquots from this screen, Create Sub-Aliquots, Add Transactions, Print Labels, Copy to Shipping File, Check Out, export them which is create a data file to export to excel or some spreadsheet program, I can print a report, or I can select Views Samples.  So, let me go ahead and select View Samples and as you can see I go to the Sample Entry Screen, and the vial that I highlighted at the box is highlighted as well at the Sample Entry Screen.  Back at the Explore Freezers box, notice that you can fill your box and enter your samples directly from a box view like we have here.  Another nice feature is if your box has a unique number that you use to identify the box, you can put that number here at the box level using Assign Alias.  Assign Alias is now easier to find, it's no longer you have to go to the configure freezer screen, you can now select this one here and put in your box ID, like so.  

Move Samples – 07:00

Let's now look at the Move Samples option.  Here we see the same new functionality that we saw in Explore Freezers at Move Samples as well.  You can still move aliquots from box to box, but you have a graphic view to do that now, as well as the Explorer Tree View.  All positions filled or empty are displayed in both panes, the source and the destination, so you can see exactly what's in the destination as well as the source now.  Empty positions are clearly labeled, and you can also get a printed report of your moves. Let's take a look at Move Samples now.  We'll go to Sample Management – Move Samples now.  As you can see, we still have our source and destinations but there is a picture as well as the hierarchical list.  For example, let's open up Freezer 1 Physical and here is a box that we filled earlier. Here are the pictures and here are the samples in our hierarchical list.  Now, let's say that we want to move Box 1 to Box 2. Again we simply drag and drop into an empty box, this is new also if it's empty it lets you know.  We can move aliases as well as before, and now we see that Box 1 is empty, Box 2 now has the box that was originally in Box 1.  The other thing that you can do is when you click on an aliquot you get the information based on your list view for your aliquots, the contents display, we choose here the default and that happens in both situations.  You can also move groups of Aliquots.  Let's show you how you do that.  Let's say we've got these aliquots here and we want to move some of these to a different box.  This is something we can now do.  Let's go ahead and open up another freezer, for example, Freezer 2.  We'll go to the first box here, and let's say that we want to move a number of these aliquots to this freezer.  We can do that by selecting the aliquots we want.  Let's say we want to move these six aliquots, we can shift and click and highlight these six, and then over here we highlight the six locations that we want them to go into.  From here to here for example, now when we select Move Aliquots, we have a confirmation, (this is what we want to do press OK), the move is complete and those six aliquots that are now listed here have been taken out of here.  You can fill a box now and if you've got gaps through your boxes, you can move files and fill gaps making it much easier for you to consolidate your freezers with this new Move Samples option.  

Internal Barcode ID – 10:55

Some of the other changes in Freezerworks are we have a new name for the Internal Barcode ID to help keep from being confused between the Internal Barcode ID and perhaps a barcode ID external to Freezerworks.   We have renamed the Internal Barcode ID the Freezerworks ID.  It’s the same field, just a different name - Freezerworks ID.  

Default Values – 11:22

When you have a lot of Default Values you get these prompts that often ask “is it okay to change your default value from this and this” as you make any changes and sometimes that bogs your workflow.  You can suppress those prompts, now you have the ability to do that.  Also, Default Values apply to all the fields on all pages of the current form.  In the current version, if you have a field entry that's dependent on another field, both those fields have to be on the same tab screen for it to work.  Now we can separate them and put those fields on a different tab and the default values will still operate.  

Batch Update – 12:09

We also give you the ability in Batch Update to increment or decrement numeric values.  So, for example, if you're doing a Batch Update and you're pulling a bunch of vials out and you want to add one to the number of Thaws or maybe subtract a certain amount from a User Defined Field (or any field) in your batch update, you can do that in Batch Update.  You also have the ability to do sub-aliquoting in the Batch Update option.

Conclusion – 12:40

So, those are the features in 5.1. You may email us at or  and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the new Freezerworks Unlimited 5.1.  Again, this is Rick Michaels and thank you for your time.