Sample Management Software on multiple devices
Our full-featured sample tracking, biorepository management, and freezer inventory program has the flexibility of a fully configurable LIMS while adhering to best practices and regulatory requirements.


We have three editions available to meet your needs and budget.

Why Freezerworks?

Freezerworks is uniquely designed for the laboratory, biobank, or research organization that needs:

Track Samples with a Sample Management Software
Tracking of sample and aliquot lineage for effective traceability of cell lines, tissues, slides, cell therapy and blood products, and more
Workflow management for checking out, checking in, requisitioning, shipping, sample pooling, and testing of aliquots
Protect your samples with Freezerworks Sample Management Software
Configurable security to prevent unauthorized access to sample data, freezers, and patient data
Freezerworks is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
Completeness: A reliable and affordable LIMS for managing tests and results for clinical and research use
Use Freezerworks Sample Management Software to annotate lab records
Complete, configurable annotation of Patients, Samples & Aliquot records
Features of Freezerworks Sample Management Software is accessible from your browser
Flexibility: Access your inventory data from the Desktop Client, the REST API, or put the power of Freezerworks in a browser tab.
Manage a laboratory with ease using a configurable Sample Management Software
Empowerment: Add and remove fields, adjust entry and viewing screens, label formats, without the need of a programmer or custom work order
Study Management included in Freezerworks Sample Management Software Pinnacle edition
Manage Studies instead of expectations
Track sample changes with Freezerworks Audit Trail
Complete and secure audit trail to meet regulatory requirements
Import data efficiently into Freezerworks Sample Management Software
Powerful and flexible import features for adding and modifying data
Group Ownership allows what users can see
Organization-wide solutions: Support institutional standards with single sign-on and give multiple groups ownership of freezers, data fields, entry and view screens, reports, and more
Configurable Fields in Freezerworks Sample Management Software makes data entry efficient
Dynamic relationships and interactions between data fields: calculations, dependencies, color highlighting, and smart pick lists
Advanced Searching with Freezerworks Sample Management Software
Simple to complex searches on any and all fields 

Here's how to get started:

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What Sets Freezerworks Apart?

Freezerworks is a sample management solutionUnlike many freezer inventory programs, Freezerworks is sample-centric rather than freezer-centric. This design allows you to begin your data entry and management from the perspective of the sample, then go to the freezer to assign locations.
Freezerworks Sample Management Software is sample-centricFreezer-centric programs force you to start and work primarily from the perspective of the freezer or freezer box. Storing aliquots in multiple freezers and freezer sections using a freezer-centric approach can get cumbersome, hard to manage, and overly restrictive for the many workflow needs that call for a sample-centric approach.
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Which Edition Is Right For You?

Has all the features needed for effective and fully annotated sample management. Group features provide multi-tenancy options with security. Each group can access and manage its own freezers, screens, and formats. Aliquot movement is made simple with workflow templates.

All of the features in Ascent plus Patient and Test Result Management. Cutting-edge security features protect sensitive patient information with an audit trail that records all PHI viewing. Group ownership of fields enhances and streamlines multi-tenant use and management.

Upgrade your sample management software to a study management solution. This edition introduces studies and visits, and allows users to link participants to studies, in order to create visits.

Match the Freezerworks Edition With Your Needs:

Desktop Client

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Feature Ascent Summit Pinnacle
Personalized Homepages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Create User Defined Fields 2,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Dynamic Freezer Interface
Automatic Freezer Capacity Tools
Import Tool
Audit Trail on All Data
QC Freezer Audit Tool
Print Cryogenic Barcode Labels
Track Sample Lineage
Batch Update Data
Batch Enter Samples
Flatbed Scanner Support
Create Box IDs
Web Services & integration
Web Client Interface
User Role Templates
Track Shipments
Group Specific Security
LDAP Authentication
Workflow Templates
SQL Views
Single Sign-on
Charts & Dashboards
Sample Pooling
Order Tests & Track Results
Fields Assigned to Groups
Patient Data Management
PHI/PII Security with View Log
Integrated Study Management
Advanced Visit Modeling
Create Kit Labels

Web Client (Standard Named User)

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Feature Ascent Summit Pinnacle
Add and Modify Samples
Add and Modify Aliquots
Add and Modify Transactions
Create Entry Forms
Import Data
Saved Searches
Search by ID
View Previous Imports
Print Cryogenic Barcode Labels
Download and Print Reports
Audit Trail on All Data
Charts & Dashboards
Flatbed Scanner Support
Batch Update Data
Dynamic Freezer Interface
Create Box IDs
Group Specific Security
Workflow Templates
View Workflow History
Sample Pooling
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
View Tests Ordered
Fields Assigned to Groups
Patient Data Management
PHI/PII Security with View Log
View Study Data    
Integrated Study Management    
Create Kit Labels    

Who Is The Freezerworks User?


A Lot Like You!
"Freezerworks makes me look good, speeds up work flow and is simply the best inventory software that I have used, either in America or Europe…flexible like a gymnast, perhaps my favorite thing about Freezerworks is that I spend less time working on weekends and more time with my wife and dogs."
—James Pring, Co-facilities Manager, Rockefeller University


You are the hero, Sample Management software is just your tool A Sample Management Hero
The Freezerworks user is a laboratory or repository technician who receives specimens and data from all sorts of sources daily: spreadsheets, instruments, text files, electronic and handwritten forms.

The Freezerworks user needs to gather information on those specimens and store it in a systematic way, a way in which they can locate it, retrieve it, understand it, and use it.
lab technicians are given the power to run a successful biorepository by using a sample management software An Efficiency Guru
The Freezerworks user needs to merge information about those specimens with their physical location and where they may be going next. And from there: to separate, add, move, deplete, grow, and organize specimens and corresponding data…all in an environment in which rules and procedures are constantly adapting. The Freezerworks user needs a tool that will grow and adapt with changing needs, and doesn’t always have time to have it built.
All necessary data for a successful laboratory can be stored in Freezerworks Sample Management software A Data-Driven Expert
Sample management in a research or production environment is an awesome task. Those entrusted with effective sample management have come to rely on Freezerworks as their indispensable tool for tying together lab, sample and data management needs.


More Benefits:

"Our IT department is very pleased with how easy it is to maintain and support. Considering we gave up an Oracle server-based application for Freezerworks, they are thrilled." 

— Susan Mason
Lab Manager, AFRIMS

  • Centralizes and streamlines your institution's freezer inventory management while allowing different groups and projects to have their own data fields, entry screens, and freezers.
  • Saves developer costs and system down time because the lab is empowered to make changes. You do not need to be a programmer to set up and use Freezerworks.
  • Protects sensitive sample data (e.g., select agents, confidential patient information) from unauthorized access with security levels that either permit or restrict access to samples and/or freezers by departments, groups, and individuals.
  • Streamlines data transfer and data access with integrity by exchanging data with other programs electronically through the powerful file import/export options or the new REST API with Web Client for browser based searches. SQL Views display relevant information on samples and patients stored in other databases with an easy to use setup option.
  • Operates in a cross-platform environment so that laboratory personnel can continue to use their preferred operating systems. Runs on Windows, Mac, or both. Client server allows both Mac and Windows computers to access the same server.

More Features:

"With many new students working in the lab, we were notorious for pulling samples and not returning them. This was causing a real problem because the samples are so valuable for our longitudinal studies.  With Freezerworks, that doesn't happen anymore."

— Robert M. Clancy, Ph.D.,
NYU School of Medicine

  • Tailor the program to match all freezer/refrigerator rack and label systems. Quickly move boxes and racks from one freezer or shelf to another
  • Use the Batch Entry option to quickly enter hundreds of samples and aliquots at one time. Build kits for managing the samples for clinical trial visits.
  • Batch update sample information for fast processing and large corrections (with audit trail security and roll back option).
  • Find samples quickly using enhanced search capabilities.
  • Configure and print bar code and human readable vial labels designed to withstand long-term cryogenic storage and thawing processes.
  • Create reports with the flexible report writer.

Flexible enough to be configured by the end user, Freezerworks also offers configuration services to help you build the tracking and sample management system best suited for your needs.

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