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In this video, you'll learn about the additional sample management features added and updated in Freezerworks Basic 7.

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Freezerworks Basic 7 Introduction – 00:00

Freezerworks Basic 7 is the newest version of the popular freezer inventory and sample management software.  It's flexible, affordable, and easy to set up and use.  Combine the power of a relational database with the configurability you've come to expect from Freezerworks. Freezerworks Basic is written and validated according to FDA guidelines for software development, so you can track your samples with confidence.  Whether you are entering or updating the samples and their locations, moving vials from one box or freezer to another, printing cryogenic-safe labels for long or short-term storage, or searching for those vital samples to pull and report, you can do the job quickly and efficiently, saving time and cost.  Freezerworks Basic is available as either a single user or network-wide solution for both windows and mac.  Get started today, we'll send you a free full working demo, there's no time limit.  Set it up and try before you buy, then going live.

Sample Entry Screen – 01:20

We'll begin our tour with our configurable Samples Entry Screen.  Create up to 21 fields to identify your samples, name your fields, assign your edits, and build your libraries, to go from this to this.  Every sample is carefully annotated, with freezer locations assigned for each aliquot.  

Freezer Configuration – 02:00

Setting up freezers, refrigerators, and cabinets is easy as well.  Tell Freezerworks how your freezer is configured.  Assign freezer sections to handle the different ways each rack or area is set up.  Here we have a Rack – Box – Row – Column configuration.  Here you set up your box picture.  View your configuration to make sure everything is set right.  

Adding Aliquots to a Sample – 02:35

At the Samples Entry Screen, aliquots can be located in multiple freezers, yet viewed from one handy screen.  Let's add some additional aliquots to this sample.  Select your freezer.  Auto assign keeps track of where you last left off in the freezer.  Continue here, or backfill and locate empty positions throughout the freezer.  Keep track of amounts and Thaws. Save, and enter more or return to the samples viewing screen and three additional vials are assigned to our sample.  

Samples Entry Screen Tabs – 03:30

All data entered, modified, and deleted is maintained in a fully searchable audit trail, a vital tool for GLP compliance.  As you pull aliquots, enter transactions to record vial movement.  You can also keep notes on your samples, and link documents and pictures.  

Explore Freezers – 04:20

For a “freezer” perspective of your inventory, go to Explore Freezers.  Each freezer can be color-coded the way you need it.  Highlight vials for information here, and update with a right-click.  If you prefer, enter your samples and aliquots from this screen, select and right-click.  Enter sample information, the aliquots are already assigned.  There is no limit to the freezers, with tremendous flexibility for searching, viewing, and reporting.

CLIP – 05:13

CLIP is for batch entry.  With it, you assign an entire rack of barcoded tubes in just a few minutes.  Scan each tube into the rack location.  

Locating Samples– 05:40

When it's time to locate a sample, do it immediately with a Quick Search window.  Or view your boxes and racks graphically, with Explore Freezers.  

Additional Features – 06:05

There's much more to see.   Batch Update - importing to add new samples, as well as update info on existing ones.  With QC Check, scan a box or rack of vials and compare actual results with your database. There are many options for doing searches.  These are excellent for searching for multiple samples using Excel™ file comparisons, or barcode scanners. Search by every field you use, with a simple search by one field or build multi-field queries.  Here is a Simple Search, let's find our cervix samples. There are seven cervix samples in our database.  Create and save extensive searches using the Advanced Search screen.  For reports, select from a set of pre-defined types, or create your own.  Print barcoded labels directly from Freezerworks.

Conclusion – 07:45

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