Entry Form Design: Aliquots Freezerworks 2015



Learn how to add fields, configure action buttons, and display additional pages on the Freezerworks 2015 Aliquots Entry Screen.

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Navigating the Sample Entry Form – 00:00

The Samples Entry Form is divided into two sections, the Samples Area and the Aliquots Area.  You can choose to hide the Aliquots Area using the option underneath the corresponding menu.  You can have multiple Samples Pages, so some of them may not need an aliquot area.  Click the “+” or Samples Page - Add Page.  

Adding Fields to Aliquot Page – 00:30

To edit what fields appear in the Aliquots Area, right-click the list view and select Edit this Aliquots form. The palette changes to include aliquot fields now.  Drag and drop the fields you want onto the Aliquots Form just like with the samples section.  

Freezer Assignment Fields – 00:55

The Freezer Assignment fields and the Freezer Graphic will give you the ability to assign freezer positions to aliquots during data entry, so make sure to have them on at least one Aliquots Page.

Adding Multiple Pages – 01:10

You can add as many pages as you want to your Aliquots Form by clicking the “+” sign or Aliquots Page - Add Page.

Aliquot Fields in the Sample Entry Form’s Aliquot Area – 01:18

Click Save & Close when you're done, and notice how the fields you added to the Aliquots Form are now column headings in the Aliquots Area.  They are in the order you added them, but you can change that order by clicking and dragging left and right.  

Adding Additional Aliquot Forms – 01:33

The “+” sign in the Aliquots Area will add another Aliquot Form to the current Samples Page.  These aren't like Aliquot Pages, but actually entire forms that you can add fields and more subpages too.  A Samples Form can have many Samples Pages, which can have many Aliquots Forms, which can have many Aliquots Pages.  Can't get much clearer, can it?

Action Buttons – 02:00

Lastly, the action buttons to the left of the Aliquots Area can be edited.  In the Aliquot Area menu, you can hide the buttons altogether.  Or, just to create some space, change the organization to two columns.  If you click the action buttons individually though, you can remove them or assign the actions to different buttons. What a user can do with Aliquots on an entry form is entirely up to this configuration.

Conclusion – 02:43

Thank you and until next time