Entry Form Design: Patients Freezerworks 2015



Use the Patient Entry Form to add patients into your Freezerworks 2015 Summit edition. This video will teach you how to design functional Patient Entry Screens using patient fields.

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Introduction– 00:00

When adding, modifying, or viewing individual patients, you will be using separate entry forms.  So, we're going to quickly go over configuring one of these entry forms, and then we'll see it in action.  

Adding a new Patients Entry Form – 00:15

First, go to System Admin - Patients Entry Forms and then click Add New to get started.  Let's give our form a name, and then assign the groups that will be allowed to use it.  You will notice the all-powerful palette once again.  We discuss this tool thoroughly on our first samples entry video, so switch over to that if you need the assistance.  The two biggest differences between Samples and Patients Entry forms are that you can only place patients fields on the form, and there is no Aliquots Form.

Adding Patients Fields – 01:00

So, simply drag the necessary patients' fields to the top area of the form using the Palette’s tools to arrange and organize them how you like you.  You can add as many patients to pages as you want with the “+” button, or press Page - Add Page.

Adding Color – 02:55

If you want to spice up your form with some color, click Page - Set Background Color.  Every one of your pages can have its own color.

Resizing a Patient Entry Form – 03:20

Lastly, if you want your form any bigger or smaller, click Form Properties - Resize Form.  Keep in mind that resizing and background colors are both available during samples entry configuration as well.  

Adding Patients – 03:47

Now, let's save our form and open Sample Management – Add New Patients.  You can also access this with the Add button on the Patients Page of the landing page list view.  Now, you will see that the form we created is not the one we have open right now, we select our form by clicking Change Form.  Now, just enter the proper data into the fields to create the patient.  If the patient was saved and linked to a sample or two, you would see that data in the bottom area here, which you can navigate with the inventory buttons and the Select list format drop-down.  If you add patients individually like this, however, linking is a separate step.  See our link patients and samples video for a breakdown of this process.

Conclusion – 05:05

Thank you, and until next time.