Installing ribbon and labels to the Zebra ZM400 printer



This video guide explains how to install ribbons and labels to the Zebra ZM400.


Video Transcript

Here's the ribbon, push it on this and wrap it around the print head.  We're going to need to tape it to this, this is the spindle that holds the ribbon, so I'm going to pull it to get some slack and I'm going to use one of our labels that we're going to install to tape it.  Now I can wind it.  Alright, so now that the ribbon is installed it’s ready to go.  

Now we need to put the label on which is this back device here, so we'll put it over and then this is our guide so you want to make sure that this is getting somewhat of a guide so that this label will not slide.   Now we're going to bring it around and under this metal guide, in between these two plastic pieces, and through.  Now, this purple looking piece is the guide for the label so we're going to push that gently against the label so that it will stay to the left there.  Now we're going to close the print head and make sure the ribbon is against the label, and then you snap it shut.  

Alright, now we're going to turn it on.  It should start feeding through after it powers up.  There it goes now, it's ready to print.  That is how you set up the Zebra ZM400.

Troubleshooting the ZM400

“What happens if your label is loose and is cinched up?”

What happens in here is the gap sensor which is right there, that little red laser, will not sense the labels edge.  Let's see what happens when we try to feed a label that's not all the way to the left. Press the feed button. It [The Printer LCD screen] says “ERROR CONDITION PRINTER IDLE”, “ERROR CONDITION PAPER OUT” so it[the printer] doesn't sense that any of the labels are in there because it[The laser device] is not seeing the gap.  This is that laser device.  Now you're able to move the laser device if you have labels that have a center gap instead of a left gap, but for this one it has a left gap so we want to make sure that this guide is pushing the label to the far side so that it will cap it correctly, so you will not get that Paper Out Error.